Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dev Pooja full version (v1.0) Android app released

Giving importance is to the contents, quality and its accuracy, "Dev Pooja" full version app attempts to bring all the Aartis, Stutis, Chalisas and Mantras in one place.

There are no Ads whatsoever and this app does not seek or store your personal data.
Selling this app for a nominal price to support the app development.

Features include but not limited to:

1) Aartis, Chalisas, Stuti &, Mantras:

Shri Maa Durga (Aarti, Chalisa, Mahisasur Mardini Stotram, Ashtottara Shatnaam Stotram)
Shri Ganesh (Hindi & Marathi Aarti, Chalisa)
Shri Hanuman (Aarti & Chalisa)
Shri Krishna (Aarti & Chalisa)
Shri Maa Laxmi (Aarti & Chalisa)
Shri Sai Baba (Kakad, Madhyan, Dhoop & Shej Aartis)
Shri Maa Santoshi (Aarti & Chalisa)
Shri Shiva (Aarti & Chalisa)
Shri Vishnu (Aarti & Chalisa)

2) Devanagari translations of Aartis / Chalisas of above listed deities.

3) Ashtottara Shata Namavali - 108 Names (Chant) for all of the above listed deities.

4) YouTube links for all of the above Aarti, Chalisa, Stutis and Mantras. This feature uses the new YouTube API (which displays high quality videos seamlessly) for the supported devices. Non supported devices will fallback to the traditional way to showing YouTube videos.

5) Hindu Calendar (Panchang) for Year 2013 that includes Hindu festivals and important days.

6) Addresses of Hindu Temples around the world that opens up in Maps.
For now, only USA and Europe. More to be added soon.

Currently working on following for the next version:

1) Shri Krishna Aarti, Chalisa, Stotram, Mantra and YouTube links. This will be done well before upcoming "Shri Krishna Janmashtami" on Aug 28, 2013.

2) Couple of missing translations of Aartis/Chalisas.

3) Hindu Temples for Africa, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Further versions will be concentrating on:
1) Adding more Aartis, Chalisas, Mantras and Stutis for more deities.
2) Hindu Temples of Asia.
3) Hindu Calendar for year 2014.
4) Bug fixes, if any.

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